Top Article Directories

Top Article Directories

Many people that know me, know that I write alot of articles and submit them do not askonline article directory. However, most of them hardly ask which are the top article directories? And there’s reason that anyone wtites articles should know which of the article directories are the top article directories, so here’s a list of the top 3:

If are serious about getting your article viewed then you should to those top article directories. Next Top Article Directory article will answer: Why to those top article directories!


ABC Article Directory-3 Key Things To Know

ABC Article Directory-3 Key Things To Know

When writing to an basic article directory, or an ABC directory, the 3 key things to know for your article to get the results you want. And exactly what is it that you want your article to accomplish? For many authors, it is to promote themselves and their website, which is fine and dandy. In addition to that, many promote products on the basic article directory or ABC Directory, inorder to support their writing. I, for one do not not have a problem with that either. However, there are ethics involves as to how to, why to, and when to add affiliate links for the subject that the article on the basic article directory or ABC directory is covering.

ABC Directory-Affiliate Links

There are many different opinions on the affiliate links in articles on an ABC Directory. You have the author’s side, the directory owner’s side, and the affiliate author’s side. There’s $ involve so it is a touchy subject. People often see $ signs and problems amass. Everyone wants in! Here’s how it all sort itself out.

-3 Key Things To Know

  1. Author’s side-This is the basic author who writes out of passion and knowledge for a subject. He/She writes to promote their authority on the subject by offering a vast knowledge and detailed information concerning whatever the topic of the article is about. They receive traffic to their website and business through leaving contact info in their bio box and/or at the end of the article itself. This viewed as the proper way of exchange; the author receives/generates traffic and the ABC directory receives unique content for their site.
  2. Owner’s side– The owner’s main concern is to get more content for their site. They put the site up for content to be added and they knew that could not add all of the content themselves, on all of those subjects and catergories without the help of the collection of authors. Many owners desire and seek to run a site that’s content focused. The owner can or does receive revenue from placing ads on the ABC directory. That’s common and the primary source of revenue for the owner from that directory. It’s very uncommon for articles on an ABC directory to have affiliate links in them; unless the owner permitted it. Then, the owner is using affiliate links as source of income, which is at his or her choice.
  3. Affiliate Authors-Now an affiliate author can be the basic author as well, whereas he/she writes to generate traffic to their websites. When arriving to their site, the visitor is greeted with more information on the subject or various other subj ects and in addition to that the directed to places to purchase related items. All in all affiliate authors are site owners and setting up revenue streams to support their sites, and there’s nothing wrong with that at all.

So, with an ABC Directory all is well if the affiliate author does not attempt to force “their affiliate” links into the article that is submitted to the ABC Directory. Until, next time write on and write with passion.

ABC Directory(ies) to write to:

Article Directory Sites

Article Directory Sites

Are you searching for article directory site? Not sure of article directory sites are the best? Huh? Well, depending on your purpose for searching for the article directory sites. Some, if not most of anyone who is/was searching for some article directory sites are/were most likely looking to submit articles to them through some article submission software or manually.

Also, there is the underlining reasons writers submit articles to the article directory sites and that is targeted traffic. The article directory sites receive the article submitted by you and you receive notoriety for your article and traffic back to your website through a link located in your bio box that you put in when you sign up for the article directory sites. Easy traffic generation for your site and you become an expert on the subject that the article is written about.

Here’s a couple of article directory sites to submit to:

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